E.O.S. Developer, Fix and Fixer

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Universal, environmental friendly developer and fixers.
E.O.S. Dev. is Agfa’s universal ecological hardening developer. E.O.S. Fix / E.O.S. Fixer is Agfa’s universal low odor fixer. The chemicals are specially designed to be used with Agfa’s Ecologically 0ptimised System (E.O.S.).
E.O.S. Dev. for automatic processing
E.O.S. Dev. is Agfa’s universal ecological hardening developer for automatic processing in conventional systems. E.O.S. Dev. yields both outstanding sensitometric and physical properties. Depending on the film type used and the throughput -average processed square metres per day- replenishment may
vary from 300 to 600 ml/m².
E.O.S. Fix and E.O.S. Fixer, universal low-odor fixers
Agfa’s E.O.S. Fix and E.O.S. Fixer are ecologically optimized two-part hardening fixers. Especially designed to be used in combination with E.O.S. Dev. Depending on the mixer type, E.O.S. Fix (2 x 25 l) or E.O.S. Fixer (2 x 20 l) is to be used.
Ecologically optimized
E.O.S. Dev. is an ecologically optimized derivate of the G138i. Together with the E.O.S. Fix or the E.O.S. Fixer,
it offers you true ecological soundness. On-line silver recovery is no problem, and guarantees you to be able to comply with all current and pending environmental legislations.
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