DR&D Magnetic Particle Testing 1 & 2


Digital Research & Development DR&D Magnetic Particle Testing 1 & 2

The magnetic particle program is over 1,000 pages in length and includes over 200 pictures and diagrams video and text audio. At the end of each chapter, a practice quiz is included. If the incorrect answer is selected, the program automatically links the student to the proper page for review. The final exam consists of 250 questions from the entire program. which will allow a review of all incorrect answers. A magnetic particle testing procedure is included allowing the student to answer fifty multiple choice questions. Chapters include the following:

Manufacturing Processes
Theory of Magnetism
Current Requirements
Demagnetization Methods
Support Equipment
Particle Application
Pre-cleaning Post-cleaning
Evaluation and Interpretation
Contour Probes
Portable Equipment
Mobile Equipment
Stationary Equipment
Multi-directional Equipment
Specific Test
Final General Test

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