Non-destructive and contact-free crack detection for components with complex geometries

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SKU: foerster-0004 Categories: , , , ,

Induction thermography on components

Parts with complicated shapes have certain test areas that are difficult or impossible to access with eddy current probes. Often, the only remaining method for crackdetection was magnetic particle inspection or penetrant testing.

With DEFECTOVISION CT – FOERSTER now offers a new, automatable solution for crack testing on components. The method of induction thermography is suitable for the examination of semi-finished products as well as complexly shaped components.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Fully automatable, contact-free, and non-destructive crackdetection
  • Suitable for open cracks, pores, heat treatment cracks,forging laps, welding defects, etc.
  • Can be used on rough, uneven surfaces and surfacescoated with water or oil
  • Suitable for asymmetric geometries, concave profiles, and small test areas
  • Low heating required
  • Testing in less than 1 second
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