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Introducing Cosmos, a truly unique product that was missing from the NDT industry. A UV light, specifically designed to withstand the harsh conditions of a wash station and covering an area of 2 x 2 meters (7 x 7 feet) from a distance of 3 meters (10 feet) – the largest UV beam in the world! Cosmos comes with a 4-year warranty.

Wash station areas are often neglected. They are equipped with multiple UV tubes that require frequent replacement or with UV lights that are no longer considered suitable for use on inspection booths. Some UV lights designated for wash stations generate excessive heat due to a common design mistake. These lights have several LEDs mounted together in a very small housing. The objective is to forcefully emit as much UV as possible, causing the LEDs to have a short lifespan. Often, you cannot see if LEDs fail because several are mounted together in the same position and unless all are out there is no suspicion of failure. As more LEDs fail, irradiance drops, undetected. The NDT technician should control the equipment and not the equipment the NDT technician.

Cosmos is a UV light, specifically designed for wash stations, it has excellent heat management and allows you to be in control. You can visually inspect if there is a problem with any UV LED and you can maintain the light on your own as ASTM E3022-18 is not applicable for wash stations. Replacement LED parts are available for you to stock and replace onsite, if needed.

Cosmos is more cost-effective than any other UV light designated for wash stations for the following reasons:

1. Cosmos generates a much larger UV beam than any other UV LED light in the world.

2. The beam shape of Cosmos is a perfect square. You need at least 4 lights from the closest competing light to try and match the performance of Cosmos, and you will still have several dead spots as illustrated on the drawing below.

3. Due to the large area covered by Cosmos, the actual cost of one Cosmos unit is 25% or less than any other brand.

4. 4-year warranty – longest warranty than any other light used in wash areas.


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