CircleSafe 820A Case of 12 X 16oz Cans

Circle CircleSafe 820A Case of 12 X 16oz Cans

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CircleSafe® 820A is an aerosol spray can of Mi-Glow® 106 black particles, premixed with liquid Wetting Agent 771, formulated in water media. It is designed to be used with visible light inspection for detecting discontinuities found in finished products and structural fabrications. Higher particle concentration provides heavier indication buildup for easy detection. This aerosol is packaged in a carbon dioxide propellant for odor-free, fume-free, non-combustible inspection. CircleSafe® 820A can be used with Mi-Glow® WCP.

Physical Characteristics
Black solution with a slight detergent odor, contained in an aerosol package.

Particle Certification
Particles meet all relevant industry specifications, including but not limited to ASTM E 1444, MIL-STD-271, AMS 3042 and NAVSEA 250-1500-1. Certification is included with each shipment.

Particle Color Black

Average Particle Size 1.5 µm

AMS Standard 3042

SAE Sensitivity* 6

Temperature Range 120°F Maximum

Weight 13 lbs
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