ARDROX 906 Visible Dye 5 Gal.


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Ardrox® 906 is a visible light inspection penetrant as per the AMS 2644 Type 2 and EN ISO 3452 Part 2, Type II, which can be removed by water or solvents. It is used in nondestructive testing for the detection of defects such as cracks, laps, cold shuts, porosity, bursts, casting and welding discontinuities.

Ardrox® 906 is a low viscosity liquid penetrant with excellent wetting properties to ensure optimum coverage of the part. Its dark red color allows easy control and monitoring of the washing process. The product offers the highest sensitivity level according to EN ISO 3452.

Ardrox® 906 is also suitable for inspection at low temperature down to -10°C/15°F and high temperature up to +150°C/302°F in accordance with the EN ISO 3452 respectively Part 6 and 5.
Ardrox® 906 is a solution of non-hazardous azo dye in a blend of biodegradable surfactants and high flash point distillates.


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