Apollo Radiometer / Photometer (Double Kit)

M514 Labino Apollo 3.0 Double Kit Package 

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The Apollo 3.0 operates using 3 pcs of Alkaline batteries (3 x AAA 1.5 volt). The new batteries do not require Dangerous Goods Management (DGS) and the meter is therefore easier to ship with air freight.

Apollo 3.0 has zero temperature drift in extreme temperatures, showing the exact same reading when performing UV measurements at 0°C or 40°C.

The fatigue is close to non-existing. The readings drop by 0.1% after 30 minutes irradiation with 50 000 µW/cm².

Apollo 3.0 radiometer / photometer comes as a single kit (M513) or as a double kit (M514). The single kit includes one reader unit and one wireless sensor unit. A double kit includes one reader unit and two wireless sensor units. As only the sensor needs to be send for calibration, the double kit is a convenient tool so that operations are never disrupted.

Double Kit Includes: 
1 x Reader
2 x Sensor
1 x Case
1 x Calibration Certificate

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