ARDROX 9D4A Dry Powder Developer 25 Lbs.

Chemetall 9D4A Dry Powder Developer 25 Lbs.

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Ardrox® 9D4A dry powder developer is a homogeneous blend of synthetic white powders of fine particle size. It does not contain any mined materials and has very low impurity levels.

Ardrox® 9D4A is used to develop the complete range of Ardrox fluorescent penetrants.

Application of this developer renders any defect indications much easier to see when viewed
under UV-A / black light than conventional powder developers.

Ardrox® 9D4A offers outstanding advantages in speed of development and resistance to
excessive bleed-out of penetrant from defects.

Weight 1 lbs
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AMS 2644


25 lbs.

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