P136E (L-4) Fluorescent W.W. 5 Gal.

Chemetall P136E (L-4) Fluorescent W.W. 5 Gal.
Ardrox© P136E has been approved for sensitivity Level 4.
This penetrant is characterized by its controlled washability, which makes it less susceptible to over-washing. This high entrapment feature truly makes it unique in comparison to other water wash products. Flaw finding is enhanced by its excellent bleed back properties. This product was developed for fracture critical control inspection.
Ardrox© P136E has a flash point of well over 300F (149C). Very low in odor, it contains no petroleum solvents, no heavy metals, and no fats, oils or greases as constituents. There is no loss of sensitivity due to evaporation nor will this product break down under high temperature conditions. It provides:
* Bright, crisp indications
* Low residual background
* Exceptionally high and UV fade resistance
* Over-wash resistance
* Low toxicity
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