OW4002 Oil to Water Cooler

GE OW4002 Oil to Water Cooler

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The OW 4002 is a water re-cooled oil circulation pump designed to facilitate anode heat dissipation of x-ray tubes. The heat energy produced by the x-ray tube is transferred via an oil/water heat exchanger. The cooling aggregate is designed for re-cooling of tube-cooling oil for bipolar x-ray tubes. The water-cooled oil circulation pump system can cool x-ray tubes with 4200 W anode heat dissipation under conditions of constant operation if sufficient flow of cooling water at a low enough temperature is available. A thermostat valve controls the oil temperature and minimizes water consumption. If, for economical or technical reasons, a re-cooling of the tube-cooling oil from the water supply is not feasible, we recommend an air-re-cooled oil circulation pump. The OW 4002 is equipped with a fail-safe turbine flow rate monitor.

The hot tube-cooling oil returns via the oil flow switch through the oil/water heat exchanger and - after cooling down – into the oil reservoir. The oil reservoir is vented to the atmospheric pressure. The circulation pump drains the oil from the reservoir and feeds it to the oil outlet connector. The cooling water is supplied to and returned from the x-ray tube through two hose connectors.

Electrical Control:
The OW 4002 cooling pump is connected by a 5-wire connecting cable supplying the circulation pump from the x-ray control unit and connects the safety circuits to the control to ensure safe operation of the x-ray tube.

Safety Circuit:
The safety circuit monitors the cooling oil supply to the x-ray tube. The circuit includes a fail-safe oil turbine flow rate monitor, which opens the circuit in case a minimum flow rate of the cooling oil (17 l/min) is not ensured. A thermostat switch opens the circuit in case the cooling water temperature exceeds the set temperature (50°C). Both switches reconnect automatically after safe cooling is ensured.

Water Supply:
The heat dissipated from the X-Ray tube and also the dissipation heat from the drive of the pump has to be transferred by the oil/water heat exchanger to the cooling water. The water flow is controlled by a thermostat to maintain a constant oil temperature of 40°C. This, however, can only be accomplished if sufficient water flow rate and water temperature (see diagram) are provided.

Width: 621 mm / 24.44 inch
Depth: 350 mm / 13.8 inch
Height: 551 mm / 21.7 inch
Weight: approx. 45 kg / 99 lbs (w/o oil)
Capacity: 23 l (operation .lling)
Oil Connection: Non-interchangeable quick-action couplings
Water Hose Connection: NW 10 mm
Connecting Cable: 10 m / 32 ft long with plug connection
Cooling Capacity: 4200 W (see diagram)
Oil Circulating Quantity: > 17 l/min at 3,5 bar based on oil temperature 22°C ± 3°C
Cooling Oil: S 5585
Power Supply: 230 V ± 10% / 50/60 Hz
Charging Rate: 3.6 A at 6 bar
Max Noise Level: < 55 dBA
Protection Class: IP 54
Operating Temperature: +5°C...+40°C
Storage Temperature: -40°C...+70°C (w/o oil)
Relative Humidity: 20%...80%
Maximum Pressure: 9.5 bar
Oil-.OW Monitor (Open): 14 l/min
Cooling Water Controller: 40°C
Thermostat: 50°C
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