K019 High Temperature Remover 9 X 16oz Case

Sherwin K019 High Temperature Remover 9 X 16oz Case
KO-19 along with KO-17 Penetrant and D-350 Developer comprise Sherwin Inc's Hi-Temp Penetrant System, which works at temperatures above which ordinary penetrants are ineffective. It is used in the penetrant process to remove excess KO-17 Hi-Temp Penetrant from part surfaces or for cleaning an insoection surface prior to applying KO-17 Penetrant. KO-19 meets low halogen and low sulfur requirements. It is a nonchlorinated material and non-miscible in water. It is relatively volatile and evaporates completely and rapidly.

Penetrant System Category
Removers & Emulsifiers Solvent Removers (Method C)

QPL SAE AMS 2644 Method Class 2
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