Oil & Gas NDT

Oil and gas companies have one of the highest fatality rates in the industry which is why companies do not compromise when it comes to maintaining the regulations and regulatory maintenance. For over 50 years, TED has been a global leader for oil and gas nondestructive testing (NDT). TED has a full-range of NDT solutions for the life of your project as well as repair and calibration services to minimize downtime. From construction to in-service support, TED combines the conventional NDT consumables as well as up-to-date technology, with high-class and efficient customer service to help ensure project success and safety.

Oil & gas nondestructive Testing (NDT) is a set of methods used to examine components and materials without altering the structure that is being tested or interfering with operations. These techniques are used to detect subsurface flaws and defects to reassure the reliability and safety of the equipment used for the oil and gas industry. Assets within this industry are complex and have a limited life cycle which is why they have stricter rules and regulations they must follow. Oil and gas infrastructures have a heavy workload and require frequent testing that can reduce production speed and are costly.

Our oil & gas nondestructive testing (NDT) equipment and solutions has been proven reliable and capable on job sites. The most common test methods in oil and gas nondestructive testing (NDT) include:

TED equipment is used in each sector of the oil and gas industry: downstream, midstream, and upstream. For years TED has provided customers with top-quality NDT equipment creating top results. We are here to help you find the right equipment for your specific testing applications.

Quality and integrity are proven by our long track record of excellent solutions for pipeline installations, new construction projects, expansion projects, and in-service inspection in the oil and gas industry. As a world-leading provider for nondestructive testing equipment and systems, we have been a single source for your oil & gas nondestructive testing (NDT) needs in the industry for 50 years. Our team of dedicated project managers assesses your situation to help you find the best solution, saving you time and money.

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