DTM25A Digital Shunt Meter Test Kit

Gould Bass DTM25A Digital Shunt Meter Test Kit

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The Gould-Bass Model DTM-25A Digital Test Meter Kit is a portable test instrument used to measure the magnetizing current output of magnetic particle inspection machines. The DTM-25A is suitable for measurement of up to 12,000 amperes AC, HWDC & FWDC current outputs.

The digital meter used in the DTM-25A has an exceptionally high accuracy of + 1% and continues to display the current output level until the next magnetizing shot, which considerably enhanses calibration accuracy and speed.

The DTM-25A is unique in that it contains its own high speed current sampling circuitry, which is necessary to accurately sample and display current values directly from its shunt in the nominal 0.5 second shot (common in MPI testing with wet horizontal units). MPI equipment calibration should always be conducted under actual shot time conditions.

This portable calibration kit contains both a 1,000 ampere 25mv shunt and a 1,000 ampere 50mv shunt. All components are contained in a rigid heavy duty metal carrying case.

Meets or exceeds applicable specifications
NIST Traceablilty assures meter accuracy
For use on all mag machines up to 12,000 amps
Reads accurately AC average AC/RMS
Reads accurately HWDC & FWDC
Includes AC/DC shunt and HWDC shunt
Digital ammeter with hold feature
Easy to read LED Display
Meter Accuracy within +1%
Completely Portable
Rugged metal carrying case
Current Assurance Indicator
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