Darkroom Film Loadin Bin (5 Compartment 18 3/8" Wide)

S & S Technology Darkroom Film Loadin Bin (5 Compartment 18 3/8" Wide)
Darkroom Film Loading Bin 5 Compartment
18.375"W x 33"H x 12.5" D
Weight 75 lbs

These loading bins eliminate the problem of fogging film due to improper
storage. A deep double steel light trap around the door gives maximum
protection and assures film safety. Bins have a stainless steel full
width hinge to insure trouble free action. All corners and seams are
welded for strength, guaranteeing no light leakage that can fog film.

The interior of the hinged bin is divided into five or six compartments,
each capable of holding up to 14"x17" films. Each bin comes with inserts to accommodate smaller film sizes and can be arranged to suit any film assortment.
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