DA-200 Probe (Instrument Only)

Parker Research DA-200 Probe (Instrument Only)
The DA-200 Contour Probe is a portable, self-contained instrument designed to produce a magnetic field on or within ferrous-magnetic materials. The selective AC and DC functions are built into a single reliable instrument.

The AC mode produces an intense AC field for detection of surface defects and demagnetizing after inspection. The DC mode produces an intense Half Wave Rectified DC field for detection of some sub-surface defects. Combined with the flexibility of articulating legs and a rugged molded housing, the Contour Probe can be used on nearly any part or surface contour... in the lab, factory, or field site.

Your magnetic particle applications need the versatility and reliable performance advantages of the Parker Contour Probe. An industry standard with 45 years of NDT service

Versatility and powerful performance in a rugged, reliable instrument
Constant AC or Half Wave Rectified (DC) fields with the flip of a switch; for the location of surface and some sub-surface defects
Apply continuous magnetic fields and demagnetize too
Use with dry powder, wet fluorescent or visible
High impact-molded housing
One-year repair/replacement guarantee
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