D-76B Water Soluble Dev. 25lbs.

Met-L-Chek D-76B Water Soluble Dev. 25lbs.
The use of a developer is required by most penetrant inspection testing specifications. The developer draws the penetrant from the flaw and creates a uniform surface on which to view the penetrant indication. D-76B is used with fluorescent post-emulsifiable penetrants (Type 1, Methods B & D) as a form ""b"" developer. This form of developer is generally applied by immersion dip, flow on, or gentle airless spray, prior to the drying process. A uniform film will form during the drying.

AMS-2644E AMS-2647C
ASME B & PV code 07 sec V
ASTM E-165 ASTM E-1417

Typical Physical Properties
Form: white grainy powder
Density: 717.1 g/L
Flash Point: none
Fluorescence: none
Coating: thin white film
Removability with water: complete
Corrosion of aluminum: none
Corrosion of carbon steel: none
Corrosion of magnesium: none
Corrosion of stainless steel: none
Corrosion of titanium: none
Chloride content: < 1000 ppm (0.1%)
Sulfur content: < 1000 ppm (0.1%)
Chromate: none
Asbestos: none
Mercury: none
VOC’s: 0 g/L
Ozone layer depleting substances: none
PCB’s: none
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