301 Densitometer

X-Rite 301 Densitometer
X-Rite Model 301 densitometers offer high accuracy and reliability in black and white transmission density measurement. These densitometers have push button zeroing and will compute density comparisons against a Standard. Readings are made simply by pressing a button on the densitometer arm. When the button is released the digital readout will automatically hold the last value read.

The Model 301 is free of drift and fatigue problems and its calibration is stable for up to six months. This densitometer has all solid state microelectronics for long life and low maintenance.

Product Features:

Measuring range: 0-5.0D with 2 and 3mm apertures; 0-4.0D with 1mm aperture
Scale factor (slope) stability: ±1% per 6 months
RS232 output (optional)
Accuracy: ±.02D from +10°C to +40°C (50-104°F)
Repeatability: ±.01D
Warm-up Time: 60 seconds
Apertures: 1.2 and 3 mm
Power: 100/130 VAC
Size: 10-1/4""W x 15""D x 5-1/4""H
Weight: 8.5 lbs.
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