30" Flexible Vac Box

T.S.P. 30" Flexible Vac Box
Model 30 FB Flex box for testing welds on a radius. •The 30FB FLEX will function on a convex or concave radius. The surface must be curved. The 30FB Flex will not function properly on a flat surface.

* Operates using compressed air.
* Vacuum pump configuration available
* Outside Dimensions: 30"L x 7 'W x 1 5/8 'H
* Viewing Area: 26 7/8" L x 4"W

TSP, Inc. vacuum boxes are designed to be used with a compressed air source. Maximum efficiency is achieved with only 4 cubic feet per minute of air flow. This efficiency allows our boxes to operate on jobsite air or with portable air compressors powered by electric current.
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