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Used Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Equipment

Radiographic X-Ray Equipment

Pantak HF50/75 With HF/5075 Electronic Cabinet Item No:  T#0594 Preview!

Pantak HF50/75 with HF/5075 electronic cabinet. HF50/75 Cathode Generator, HF50/75 water cooler, and junction box.

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XRS-320 (MXR-320/26) Item No:  T#14101

  • XRG Controller with 10meter cables and 19"housing
  • XRP-320 (+) high voltage tank
  • XRP-T160K high voltage tank
  • Closed Loop Cooler XRC-4501-0A
  • MXR-320/26 Bipolar Metal Ceramic Tube
  • 10 Meter HT Cable N3/160 R24Sl-R24SL
  • 5 Meter Cooling Line Set
  • All Flanges
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Pantak HF320kVItem No:  #T1412
Pantak HF320


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Pantak HF320 SystemItem No:  T#1410KIT

Pantak P4500 Oil/Air Cooler
Pantak HF320 Anode Generator
Pantak HF320 Cathode Generator
Pantak Standard Control
Pantak Electronic cabinet
NEEDS: Tube and flanges

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Seifert 160 X-ray Tube OnlyItem No:  #B0906 Preview!

Tube located at TED NJ

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Philips 320 SystemItem No:  #T1434 Philips 320

  • Philips tube MCN 321
  • Cathode generator
  • Anode generator
  • MGC-03 control
  • Oil cooler
  • 2, 5 meter HT cables with flanges

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Philips 320 System Item No:  T#0648

  • MGC-03 control
  • MCN 321 Philips tube
  • Oil to air cooler w/ 2 -5 m oil lines
  • Cathode generator
  • Anode generator
  • 5m HT cables
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Pantak HF320 SystemItem No:  #T1440 Pantak 320

  • Anode Generator
  • Cathode Generator
  • Pantak standard control
  • Electronics Cabinet
  • Oil Cooler
  • 2- 5m HT Cables (Pantak/R24)
  • 2- 5m Oil Lines
  • 2- Drive Cables
  • 2- Feedback Cables
  • 1- I/O Box
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Philips MG321Item No:  #B1101 Preview!

Philips MG 321:
MCN 321 Philips tubehead with a 1.5 and a 4.0 MM focal spot.
S/N 772873
MGC 03 microprocessor control S/N 04 0032
Oil cooler S/N 20 0011
Cathode generator S/N 21 0028
Anode generator S/N 27002
2 - 5m HT cables
10m control cable
5m oil lines

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Torrex Digital x ray system
  • 48" High
  • 130kV, 5MA

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Pantak ControlItem No:  #B1201 pantak control equipment

Pantak Control, Power Supply, Generators and Cooler for an HF 320 Unit Less tube.
A Comet MXR 320/26(B1202) available at an additional cost.
Unit is 12 years old.
Located at TED New Jersey.
Inventory #B1201
Part/Model #HF320
Serial #9907-4463

used pantack control equipment

Rolling Lead Partitions (2)
  • approx 1200 lbs shielded
  • 4 ft high by 3 ft wide
  • Lowering mechanism to bring lead to floor
  • $2,000 ea

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Philips 200kV / 5MA
Portable System
Item No:  #T1367

  • Tube
  • Control
  • Interconnect Cables
  • X-Ray On Light
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ScanX 14Item No:  #B1303

ScanX 14 Model B9810-250G

MCRS Philips Real Time system Item No:
  • 5 axis manipulator
  • Image intensifier
  • Shutter
  • Kevex 130 kv microfocus

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320 Philips AnalogItem No:  #B1503  




Older Model, new condition, still in the box

  • Labino H135 TrAc Light - Spotlight
  • 35 watt Battery Operated
  • Brand new battery included
  • Many in stock
  • $575.00 each

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