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Quickshot XRF Handheld Analyzer 

Quickshot XRF Handheld AnalyzerQuickshot XRF Handheld Analyzer

This lightweight, portable handheld analyzer is ideal for ndt inspections, including material identification and analysis, in remote locations. There is no limit on size or shape of samples which can solid, liquid or powder. The Quickshot XRF uses industrial x-ray fluorescence technology (non-isotope based) and features easy-too-use software that provides real-time results on its touch screen PDA. Back at the laboratory, the ndt inspection results are easily transferred to a desktop computer for analysis, report generation and long-term storage.

Developed initially for hazardous substance analysis, the Quickshot XRF analyzer exceeds the requirements of RoHS and CPSIA regulations with detection limits down to ten parts-per-million (ppm). Additional ndt inspection software packages make it a portable solution to precious metal analysis (gold testing) and positive material identification.

The Quickshot XRF Analyzer is not just a low-cost handheld option but, rather, a highly accurate piece of nondestructive testing equipment. It includes a software package, back-up batteries, charger, durable carrying case and warranty.

Software Packages

  • Hazardous Substance Detection -- detection limits under ten parts-per-million (ppm) with high accuracy levels
  • Positive Material Identification – accurate alloy verification and steel grade identification
  • Precious Metal Assay -- perfect solution for on-site mining analysis and portable scrap jewelry purchasing


  • No isotopes utilized in this portable x-ray tube based system
  • X-Ray source: 40 kV mini W-Target X-Ray Tube
  • Single collimator, 6mm diameter (0.235 inches)
  • Measurement times: 10 to 300 seconds depending on variables
  • Element range of detection: Potassium (K) through Uranium (U)
  • HP iPAQ PDA Computer is standard and is removable
  • Transfer data easily to desktop computer for report generation and long-term storage
  • Light hand-held instrument; one of the lightest systems available
  • Multiple filters with automatic adjust
  • Battery life of over five hours; includes charger and two batteries
  • Laser light for sample alignment to insure accurate reading location
  • Carrying case included: rugged exterior with padded interior

In addition to purchase, custom rental plans are available. Contact our Customer Care Center (800)962-1788 for more information.


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