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Portable electric power generator for eresco mf3

Portable Electric Power Generator for Eresco MF3The portable electric power generator allows you to use the ERESCO MF3 in places where no power line is available (e.g. at building sites). The generator provides a sinus-shape AC voltage even at full load which is absolutely required for operation of the Eresco MF3 radiating unit.

The generator is approved for use on construction sites. (Type tested according to regulations 84/532 EEC and 84/536 EEC)


  • Approved for use on construction (Type tested according to regulations 84/532 EEC and 84/536 EEC)


  • Set of wheels
  • Exhaust pipe

Technical Data:
Generator Asynchronous
Rated Power 3.2 kW
Rated Voltage 230 V, 50 Hz, 1~
Rated Current 13.9 A
Protection Class IP 23/44
Motor Honda GX 240
Output 5.8 kW at 3600 min-1
Model petrol, 4-stroke, air-cooled
Capacity 242 cm3, 1 cylinder
Fuel Consumption at Normal Load 1.9 1/h Unleaded gasoline
Tank Size 5.9 1
Starter Reverser starter (pull starter)
Ignition Electronic, non-contact magnetic ignition
Acoustic Pressure 72 dBA at 10 m meters at rated load
Audibility 99 dBA / pW(Lwa) at rated load
Dimensions (LX W X H ) 775 x 560 x 515 mm (30.5" x 22" x 20.3")
Weight 63 kg (2.95 lbs)
Equipment Automatic oil-level cutout switch 2 PE sockets (16 A), waterproof all-round protective cage


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Portable Electric Power Generator for Eresco MF3 - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


Centering Device with Mini Laser Visual Laser Diode

Alignment of the workpiece to be inspected with the central beam of the x-ray tube and vice versa is greatly simplified using the mini laser instead of a centering rod. For this purpose the laser is swiveled in front of the x-ray tube window and activated by the toggle switch. Prior to the exposure, the laser must be turned off and swiveled out of the x-ray beam.


  • The mini laser battery has a very long life due to the energy-saving pulsed operation.
  • This laser complies with laser class II as per DIN EN 60825 (VDE 0837).

WARNING: Do not stare into laser beam!
Technical Data:
Laser Type Visual laser diode
Output Power < 1 mW
Wave Length 670 nm
Beam Color Red
Battery 2 x 1.5 V AAA-size-alkali or equivalent
Battery Life Time Approximately 16 hours continuous operation

Height 33 mm
Width 18 mm
Length 120 mm


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Centering Device with Mini Laser - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


Four-Legged Stand for Eresco MF3 Tube HeadsFour-Legged stand for Eresco MF3 tube heads

The four-legged stand provides support for the tube head of the Eresco MF3 Series for various inspection requirements (site inspection or similar). It allows a simple and quick set-up of the tube head to various exposure positions.


  • Angle indication for reproducible setting of irradiation direction
  • Produced under ISO 9001 certified quality management system

Standard Delivery Scope:

  • Two-part four-legged stand including holding rails


Technical Data:
Setting Range 700 mm (27.5”) - 1200 mm (47.2”), from floor level to beam center
Weight 10 kg (22 lbs)


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Four-Legged Stand for Eresco MF3 Tube Heads - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


Column Stand for IsovoltColumn Stand for Isovolt

Column stand with tube yoke for ISOVOLT tube housings, mobile on 4 casters, with manual lifting drive. lifting range: 500 mm. - 2700 mm.




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Column Stand for Isovolt - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info