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Sonatest Ultrasonic / Ultrasound transducersUltrasonic Transducer Probes

The Rail Transducer probe


  • Specifically designed to contain two angle probes (2MHz, 70) at either end and a compression probe in the middle (2MHz).
  • The rail probe was used in combination with a flaw detector and railcart to scan rails and has proved to be a very successful transducer, manufactured exclusively by Sonatest Plc.

rail transducer probes

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The Rail Transducer Probe - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


wheel transducer probesHF Wheel Transducer Probe


  • A new high frequency dry coupled wheel probe developed and patented by Sonatest Plc.
  • The main driving advantage of this dry coupled solid contact wheel probe is that it works to overcome problems with couplant contamination (application & removal) as well as eliminating the practicalities of immersion systems.
  • The "tyre" or delay material is constructed of hydrophilic polymers which have acoustic properties that lend themselves ideally to the implementation of ultrasonics.
  • Applications include thickness measurement, composite inspection, delamination detection and general flaw detection.

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HF Wheel Transducer Probe - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


soft tip transducer probesSoft Tip Probes (STPS)


  • Soft tipped ultrasonic transducers are for use with Sonatest dry contact flaw detectors UFDS    and MS310D.
  • Applications include the testing of composites, rubber, wood, ceramics and friction material.
  • No surface preparation required for the majority of applications.
  • Ideally suited for test specimens with complex shapes.

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Soft Tip Probes (STPS) - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


boiler tube transducer probesBoiler Tube Probes (BTPS)


  • Small, low profile twin angle beam transducers with integral cables for the inspection of welds in steam boilers in power stations.
  • Axially radiused to suit 50mm boiler tubes.
  • 5 MHz with an increased toe in angle to produce a short focal length to suit such weld and are available as 70 & 60, with BNC or LEMO1 to fit flaw detectors.

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Boiler Tube Probes (BTPS) - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


thickness meter transducer probesThickness Meter Probes (TMPS)


  • A range of transducers originally made for use with the older style thickness meters.
  • Suitable for use with modern wideband amplifier thickness meters.
  • Also good for use with flaw detectors where thin sections are to be tested.

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Thickness Meter Probes (TMPS) - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


roller transducer probesRoller Transducer Probes


  • Dry contact roller probes are designed to be used where automated testing is required.
  • Roller probes have miniature BNC connectors.
  • Transducer can be used in combination with dry contact flaw detectors, UFDS and the MS310D.

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Roller Transducer Probes - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


time of flight diffraction transducer probesTime Of Flight Diffraction Transducer Probes (TOFD)


  • All TOFD transducers are highly damped with short pulse length, broad bandwidth and high sensitivity, utilizing lead metaniobate crystals.
  • One major application of TOFD is the ultrasonic examination of welds after final heat treatment and/or hydraulic testing, to verify the absence of cracks not detectable by radiography etc.
  • Transducer probe also used to monitor welds during the service life of components.

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Time of Flight Diffraction Transducer Pobes (TOFD) - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info



Sonatest Ultrasonic / Ultrasound transducers

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