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Dakota Ultrasonics Ultrasonic Thickness Gage Products - MX-1, MX-2, MX-3,  MX-5, MX-5DL


The MX-1 a our most basic model. This ultrasonic thickness gauge can be preprogrammed for a specific material type using a simple PC program. The MX-1 is an excellent choice for users that measure the same material type all the time, and do not have the need to re-calibrate to different materials on the fly.

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Note: The material velocity must be known prior to programming.



The MX-2 ultrasonic thickness gauge has 8 common preset material types and 2 user programmable types. This makes the MX-2 a little more flexible for those users that have a need to measure more than material type. Our simple PC program allows the user to program the MX-2 for two additional set material types.

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MX-2 804003 Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info

Note: The material velocity must be known prior to programming.



The MX-3 ultrasonic thickness gauge is the first model in the MX line with the ability to field calibrate on the fly. This model offers extreme flexibility and accuracy to calibrate to a variety of materials instantly. Simply tell the MX-3 one known thickness point located on the test material, and the MX-3 will calculate the material type for you. The MX-3 is also equipped with a two point calibration option, providing the user with extreme accuracy. Another special feature of the MX-3 is the high speed scan mode. In this mode, the MX-3 takes 16 readings per second rather than 4 reading per second in standard measurement mode. The readings are viewable while scanning. Simply remove the transducer from the area being tested and the MX-3 will display the minimum thickness in the area scanned.

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The MX-5 has all the features of the MX-3 plus: An audible and visual alarm mode. In alarm mode, the user can set a nominal thickness value. When measurements fall above or below the set nominal value, a red light and audible beeper is displayed and sounded. The MX-5 also features a differential mode. In differential mode, the gauge user sets a target thickness value and the MX-5 will display the difference (+/-) from the target value. The MX-5 is also equipped with an RS232 port out. This enables the user the ability to send measurements to an external data collection device or directly to a PC.

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The MX-5DL ultrasonic thickness gauge has all the features of the MX-5 plus: An internal data logger that stores a total of 1000 readings in 10 files of 100 readings each file. This gives the user the ability to store, and download the stored measurements directly to a PC using our DarkView software program. The software and transfer cable are included in the MX-5DL kit.

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The MMX-6 is a simple-to-use, hand-held ultrasonic thickness gauge that uses a dual element style transducer to measure through paint and coatings and eliminate the thickness of the paint or coating. With the single press of a button, the MMX-6 can switch between pit or flaw mode (pulse-echo), and through paint/coatings mode (echo-echo) for maximum inspection efficiency. The MMX-6 has a bundle of features to make your job easier, including: alarm mode, high speed scanning, and data send. The MMX-6 comes as a complete kit, ready to use, and is backed by Dakota Ultrasonics’ 5 year limited warranty.


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