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Magnaflux Cleaner - Wiping Cloths - Scubs

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Wiping Cloths, Alkaline Cleaners,
Hand Cleaner Towels by gnaflux




Wiping Cloths by MagnafluxPURIFIED WIPING CLOTHS

For use when specifications require certified pure wiping cloths. Includes dispensing rack and manufacturer's certification. Case of 12 rolls.



Product Item No.  
Purified Wiping CLoths 800428 Add to Basket


Alkaline Cleaners by MagnafluxMAGNA VU™ ALKALINE CLEANERS

MagnaVu will remove surface contamination, as well as contaminants in cracks, while rinsing totally clean! This is critical because cleaners that leave a film on parts are likely to lessen the sensitivity of penetrant inspection.

Product Item No.  
5 Gallon Pails 700130 Add to Basket
55 Gallon Drum 700131 Add to Basket