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Goggles / UV Protective Eyewear by Spectroline, Clear Plastic Face Shields, Stainless Steel, Plastic Dipping Baskets



Industrial Safety Goggles, Face Shields, Eye Protection,  Protective EyewearSpectroline UV-absorbing eyewear and clear plastic face shields are specially designed to protect the user against most ultraviolet light sources. The UVS-30 spectacles and UVG-50 safety goggles provide adequate eye shielding, while UVF-80 face shields protect both the eyes and face from ultraviolet radiation.

The transmission in the entire ultraviolet range is less than 10-5, thus reducing irradiance at the eyes and face from most sources to levels below the maximum recommended in NIOSH Document HSM 73-11009. A special formula reduces eye fatigue, eliminates "blue haze" interference, and improves contrast between the fluorescent area and the background.

The UVG-50 safety goggles and the UVF-80 safety face shields provide maximum protection from exposure to extended or high intensity UV sources, while the UVS-30 safety spectacles are generally recommended for sporadic, lower intensity UV sources. The safety goggles and face shields both meet ANSI specification Z87.1 for safety eye wear and OSHA standard 1910.133 for industrial eye and face protection.

Attractive and durable, Spectroline UV-absorbing eyewear and faceshields provide long-wearing comfort. The well-proportioned frames of the clear plastic UVS-30 and UVG-50 safety goggles fit easily over regular eyeglasses, while the UVF-80 is adjustable to fit all sizes and has a visor that can be pivoted off the face.


Product Item No.  
UV Spectacles, UVS-30 700715 Add to Basket
UV Safety Goggles, UVS-50 700716 Add to Basket
UV Clear Plastic Face Shields, UVS-80 700717 Add to Basket


Stainless Steel, Plastic Dipping BasketsDIPPING BASKETS



  • Heavy Duty
  • Resistant to heat
  • Chemical & corrosion resistant
  • No contamination
  • Economical, long life
  • Unconditionally guaranteed to your satisfaction


SERIES SS (Stainless Steel Dipping Baskets)



  • Type 304 Stainless Steel Dipping Basket
  • Has cross pieces on bottom for extra support
  • Weight: 9 lbs.
  • 3/16" Perforations; 5/16" Staggered Centers
  • Perforations: 3/16"


SERIES SSMX (Stainless Steel Dipping Baskets)


  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Cross piece on bottom for extra support.
  • Perforations: 3/16"


Product Item No.  
Stainless Steel Dipping Basket - Series SSHC 700818 Add to Basket
Stainless Steel Dipping Basket - Series SSMX 700822 Add to Basket


SERIES PS (Polypropylene/Plastic Baskets, Stainless Steel Handles)

Stainless Steel, Plastic Dipping BasketsSERIES 18PS (1/8" Perforations)


6" x 6" 700800 Add to Basket
8" x 8" 700801 Add to Basket
10" x 10" 700802 Add to Basket
12" x 12" 700803 Add to Basket


SERIES 332PS (3/32" Perforations)

6" x 6" 700804 Add to Basket
8" x 8" 700805 Add to Basket
10" x 10" 700806 Add to Basket
12" x 12" 700807 Add to Basket


SERIES 316PS (3/16" Perforations)

6" x 6" 700808 Add to Basket
8" x 8" 700809 Add to Basket
10" x 10" 700810 Add to Basket
12" x 12" 700811 Add to Basket


SERIES 116PS (1/16" Perforations)

6" x 6" 700812 Add to Basket