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Digital Radiometers - Blacklight Replacement Bulbs


The GOULD/BASS DLM-1000 digital radiometers are portable, digital instruments that measure both blacklight intensity in the spectral range of 320-380 nanometers in microwatts per square centimeter (W/cm2) and visible light intensity of 420-680 nanometers (photometric response) in Lux or in foot-candles, depending on sensor selected.
The latest LSI circuit design and display technology is used to achieve the lowest possible component count. This, in turn, assures reliability, accuracy, stability, and rugged dependability. In combination with their functional and aesthetic design, these radiometers are the easiest to handle blacklight, and incandescent or fluorescent visible light measuring instruments available today.

1. Slide the "POWER" to the "ON" position.
2. Turn the lamp on or apply power to the light source being measured.
3. Place the sensor where the irradiance/illuminance is to be measured.
4. The value of irradiance/illuminance will be indicated on the display. 
    If at any time only a "1" appears in the left hand display position, then
    the measurement is out of range.

Indicated values are as follows:

  • Lux or foot-candles 1x the display reading Microwatts/cm2 10x the display reading


Gould Bass DLM-1000 Digital Radiometer 600643 Add to Basket


Spectronics AccumaxSpectronics AccuMAX™ xrp-3000

The AccuMAX™ XRP-3000 radiometer/photometer uses a dual wavelength UV-A/VIS sensor detector to measure both ultraviolet and visible light. Featuring automatic zeroing, integration and signal hold, the unit provides accurate readouts for UV, visible irradiance or radiance. The LCD readout features 0.2% linearity with the sensor sending the linearity correction data to the readout unit during initial power up. To ensure consistent results, sensors are designed with superior bandpass filters while optical stacks are assembled in Class 100 clean workstations. For precise spectral coverage, high-quality interference filters are used to resist degradation.


  • Microprocessor-controlled readout unit with dual-wavelength sensor detector
  • Superior bandpass interference filter
  • Choice of direct or USB connection between sensor detector and readout unit
  • Excellent cosine response
  • User-defined power save and automatic shutoff
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD screen
  • Sealed sensor housing and USB connection with water-resistant adapter


AccuMAX™ XRP-3000 Radiometer/Photometer - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


Blacklight Replacement BulbsBlacklight Replacement Bulbs

Shown here are the most commonly used blacklight bulbs. Other replacement bulbs are available. Please call for more information.

125 watt bulb for SB-125 700655A Add to Basket
Replacement bulb for ZB-150 or BIB-150 700660B Add to Basket
Bulb for UV-400 Superflood 700665A Add to Basket
Blacklight Bulb (100S) 100 Watt Spot Ad-Medium (while supplies last) 700675 Add to Basket
Blacklight Bulb (100S/M) 100 Watt Spot Medium 700675M Add to Basket
E-Series Tube, 365nm, 6 Watt BLB 700718A Add to Basket