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Spectroline X- and XX-Series UV Bench and Display Lamps are perfect for use where high-intensity, wide-area UV coverage is needed. They are the most powerful UV lamps of their type available. There is a complete line of 18 models which offer various UV wavelength combinations and a range of intensities, sizes and wattages. These units are available in single- or double-tube versions.

Corrosion-resistant, specular aluminum reflector assures maximum UV irradiance. Standard with all short and medium wave models is our unique LONGLIFET filter glass, which assures higher initial UV intensity and is extremely resistant to solarization. All UV bench & display lamps have sturdy metal brackets for easy overhead mounting.

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B-160 Battery-Operated UV Lamp


The economical B-260 long wave UV lamp is precision engineered to give you super performance for many years. Its 6-watt, self-filtered UV tubes emit a nominal 365nm intensity of 500 μW/cm2 (single tube) or 850 μW/cm2 (dual tubes) at 6 inches (15cm).

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These extremely small light sources, available in either long wave or short wave UV models, are made of double-bore quartz material. There are three standard pencil lamp versions, each noted for its long life and spectral specificity.

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HGS-100B Heat/Guard StandHGS-100A HEAT/GUARD STAND

This stainless steel, vinyl-coated heat guard / stand makes lamp operation safer by protecting against accidental burn injury. Special insulators keep it from touching the lamp housing, thus minimizing heat conduction.HGS-100B Heat/Guard Stand

The HGS-100A helps prevent mechanical shock damage, resulting in substantial savings on bulb and filter replacement costs.

In addition, the HGS-100A acts as a stand so that the lamp head may be placed filter-side down on a level surface without damage to the lamp.


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FA-100 Flexible ArmsFA-100 FLEXIBLE ARMS

Designed for maximum versatility, the FA-100 measures 24" (61cm) when fully extended, and allows 360 rotation of the lamp head, it is ruggedly constructed of cast aluminum. The lamp head attaches to an adjustable pin on the FA-100 that can be pivoted as desired and locked into any horizontal or vertical position.

Flexible arms may be used with the Spectroline W6 Wall Mount or B6 Bench Mount (both separately available). The W6 Wall Mount attaches easily to a wall and utilizes a stationary pin to mount the arm. The Bench Mount also has a stationary pin, attached to a 36" (91cm) pole that may be secured to a bench. The FA-100 can be adjusted to any height on the pole.

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