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SB-100P Super Black LightsSB-100P SUPER BLACK LIGHTS

Superior performance and durability have made the SB-100P UV inspection lamp the industry standard. Built super-tough to withstand hard use, it provides super-high intensity - without excess visible light.

Designed for Maximum Efficiency and Versatility: The SB-100P Super Black Light Lamp produces higher UV intensity than any other standard 100-watt UV lamp...without excess visible light! Developed to make your work easier, the SB-100P is precision-engineered for use in countless applications. This black light is perfect for nondestructive testing. UV curing, leak detection, and much more.

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Ideal for nondestructive testing, quality control, UV curing, lead detection and much more! The Spectroline® FC-100 lamp has a built-in fan to ensure cool operation. This light weight (3 lbs.), safe and convenient UV lamp is ergonomically designed for extended hand held use. The lamp head can also be rotated 360° when mounted on the transformer base. An 8 foot (2.4 m) cord extends from the lamp handle to the ballast, and another 8 foot cord runs from the ballast to the power source.

The housing is constructed of a super-strong engineering polymer, making it dent-proof and extremely impact-resistant. Unique Bulb-SaverT protects the bulb from mechanical shock damage.

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FC150 UV Inspection LampsFC-150 UV INSPECTION LAMPS

Cool operation. Built-in fan dramatically reduces running temperatures; allows faster and easier restarting of the lamp while providing safety and comfort during use.

Extra tough impact-resistant, dent-proof lamp housing is made of super-strong engineering polymer. Superior quality - built to exacting engineering standards to meet MIL and ASTM specs for fluorescent penetrant inspection (FPI) and magnetic particle inspection (MPI).


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UV-400 Superflood UV Flood LampUV-400 SUPERFLOOD™ UV FLOOD LAMP



  • The world's most powerful UV flood lamps for NDT.
  • Super powerful-400- watt metal halide bulb provides an unmatched steady-state intensity   of 6,500mW/cm2 at the lamp's center, measured at 15-inch distance.
  • Provides the widest dispersion-Irradiates an area as large as 24" x 10" with unequalled   uniformity, producing a steady-state irradiance of not less than 2,000 mW/cm2 at 15 inches.
  • Versatile-Ideal flood lamps for fluorescent penetrant and magnetic particle inspection, parts degreasing inspection, and wash station inspection.
  • Safe-Unlike competitors' UV lamps, its unique twin-filter system eliminates hazardous UV-B radiation to protect    users.
  • Meets or exceeds MIL specs-Satisfies military / aircraft and commercial requirements.
  • Compact and lightweight design-easy to transport and use.
  • Can be placed anywhere-built-in mounting capability assures easy positioning, even in previously inaccessible areas.


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This is the UV inspection lamp you have been waiting for!

Produces up to 10 times the UV-A output of conventional HID inspection lamps-steady-state UV-A intensity of 14,000 µW/cm2 at 15 inches.


  • Produces up to 10 times the UV output of conventional UV inspection lamps
  • Fluoresces leaks even in direct sunlight
  • Integral bulb/reflector assembly
  • Instant on/off/restrike - no waiting for warm-up or cool down
  • Lightweight, solid-state ballast - entire unit weighs just 6.1 lbs (2.8kg)
  • Pre-focused at the factory
  • Stay-cool, impact-resistant and dent-proof housing
  • Compact, ergonomic design for fatigue-free portable handling


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Maxima 3500MD Battery Powered Blacklight

The Maxima 3500MD Blacklight includes a 12-volt, 7 A/hr rechargeable battery that will operate the lamp for 2 full hours. The DC battery pack can be attached to the ballast housing, making it easy to transport. These Blacklights can also be AC operated via an interchangeable power cord. A recharger is included.

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