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Vibrance EV5000 Black Light by MagnaFlux

TED Inspector+ Series II Cordless Blacklight
TED Inspector+ Series II Cordless Blacklight

The newest model of the Vibrance EV5000 UV LED Black Light has many enhancements. As with the original light, the improved UV-LED Black Light has 50,0000 hour life span with a light weight ergonomical design.

  • Multi-function latching power switch which allows for toggling between UV LEDs for Inspection and White Light for orientation
  • Certified for wavelength of 365 - 370 nm
  • Certified intensity 4800-5000 W/cm2 at 15 inches
  • Each black light has an individually assigned serial number.
  • Up to 50,000 hours LED bulb life
  • Lightweight Ergonomic Design
  • Upgraded Cable design with rugged over-molded connectors
  • Universal power supply suitable for 110-240 VAC and 50-60 Hz.


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The ZB-100 black light provides superior operator comfort, improved bench mounting flexibility and excellent overall balance. The ZB-100 is compact and lightweight, yet its tough aluminum housing is designed to withstand rugged use. This black light is extremely comfortable to use thanks to the balance provided by the cord-through-handle design. The new Air-Flo bezel stays cool for added safety. Only from Magnaflux.


  • 16% more UV output
  • Plastic Air-Flo bezel design stays cool to the operators touch
  • Fiberglass-reinforced plastic handle
  • Universal mounting


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The ZB-100F black light has a special remarkable feature. It has a built-in, quiet-operating DC fan located at the rear of the lamp housing. The advantage of this design feature is obvious - dramatically reduced running temperature. The fan-cooled ZB-100F means more comfort and safety for operators plus longer bulb life.

The ZB100F also shares all the features of the ZB-100:

  • 16% more UV (ultraviolet) output
  • Plastic Air-Flo bezel design stays cool to the operators touch
  • Fiberglass-reinforced plastic handle
  • Universal mounting
  • Quick change bulb system


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For use with ZB-100 and ZB-100F models and all other 100 watt inspection lamps

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Magnaflux black light mounting hardware allow for the stabilized, hands-free use of UV black lights during the testing process. No need for special tools or drilling necessary.

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A Flat Surface Mounting Fixture (P/N 623366) 700699E Add to Basket
B Ceiling Mounting Fixture (P/N 623367) 700699F Add to Basket
C Wet Bench Mounting Fixture (P/N 623365) 700699 Add to Basket
D Modular Black Light System 5.5" Extension (P/N 622596) 700670H Add to Basket
E Modular Black Light System 7.5" Extension (P/N 622597) 700670J Add to Basket
F Modular Black Light Ratchet Base Mount (P/N 622592) 700699B Add to Basket
G Modular Black Light System Handle Adapter (P/N 622595) 700699A Add to Basket