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TSI Shot Duration Timer - Digital Current Ammeter

Electric Current Timer Calibration MetersATS-20B ELECTRIC CURRENT & TIMER CALIBRATION METERS

Model ATS-20B, a complete portable electric current AMP meter, duration (shot) time meter with a removable ammeter shunt certified to NIST (NBS) standards that meets or exceeds international industrial and aircraft / military MPI equipment calibration requirements. It will measure AC, FWDC and HWDC current in the Mean Average, true RMS or Peak detection methods in two ranges up to 20,000 amperes. It has auto hold for storing last reading indefinitely with automatic reset and update after each measurement or may be operated in manual mode. Duration (Shot) Time is automatic and measures electrical current flow up to 20 seconds.

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ATS-20B Electric Current & Timer Calibration Meters 200937 Buy Now


Model AT-25 Portable Shot Duration TimerMODEL AT-25 PORTABLE SHOT DURATION TIMER

Durable and convenient handheld, electronic Shot Duration Timer.


  • Automatic Time and Reset functions
  • Infinite digital hold of last reading
  • Light Weight and portable
  • Reset and Timer buttons for manual operation
  • Accepts AC or DC electrical inputs
  • Verifies shot times of MPI equipment up to 25,000 amps for conformance to aircraft/military and industrial   operating specifications
  • Timers supplied with 40 inch (1m) Test leads and 9V battery


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Model AT-25 Portable Shot Duration Timer 500473 Buy Now



Model AM-22 DIN Digital AC/AC Current AmmeterAM-22 DIN current ammeter is for installation on new or old magnetic particle inspection equipment to provide the most up to date accuracy of output amperes with infinite hold, auto reset and update functions that will meet or exceed all industrial and aircraft / military requirements. These high visibility LED digital panel ammeters display the output electrical current in amperes. They hold this reading indefinitely for accurate recording of each shot.

As each shot is taken, the ammeter will automatically reset compute and display the new readings in less than a second. Standard ammeters are mean average FWDC calibrated for operation from your existing 50mv/1000 Amp meter shunt either in place of or in conjunction with your machines meter. Meters are pre-calibrated but final calibration depends on accuracy of your existing ammeter shunt. An externally accessible adjustment is available for final calibration. Ammeters may be ordered for AC or FWDC Signal Input and different ammeter shunt ratings at no extra charge. AC / DC true RMS meter is also available.

Ammeter Options-Specify When Ordering:

  • AC / DC true RMS 1% + 2 digit 0-6kHz CF4
  • 2000/20,000 Dual Range Switch
  • Switchable AC and DC ammeter
  • Signal input for AC or FWDC mean average
  • Different ammeter shunt signal input
  • 220 VAC Power Line input
  • OEM versions
  • Custom Ammeter Designs


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Model AM-22DIN Digital AC/DC Current Ammeter AM22DIN Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info