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Q-810 Laser Shearography Inspection System for Field Use by Dantech Dynamics

Q-810 Portable Laser Shearography INSPECTION System for FIeld Use by Dantec Dynamics

Dantech Q810The portable Q-810 Laser Shearography Systems are fully integrated NDT systems using laser shearography suitable for defect detection in composite materials over large surface areas.

State of the art NDT Performance:
The Q-810 Systems can detect defects including delaminations, disbonds, kissing bonds, wrinkling, impact damage, crushed core and many more with no surface preparation. They can also be used to investigate structural integrity, separation of structural components and bond lines. The turn-key optical systems are non-contact and full-field and will work on such materials as carbon-fiber, glass-fiber, laminates, honeycomb, foam, metal and GLARE.

Large Surface Area Coverage:
The integrated systems are optimized for large surface area inspections, for example on aircraft fuselages, wings, control surfaces, ship hulls, wind turbine blades and rocket components. The full-field inspection rate is a rapid 300mm x 200mm every 10 seconds. With adaptive seals the systems can be used on flat as well as highly curved surfaces. The systems operate independently of the local environmental conditions and can be used for production or in-field inspections.

Measurement Principle:
The highly sensitive interferometric technique will measure microscopic surface deformations caused by internal flaws when a small loading is applied to the object. This can be done using thermal, pressure, vibration or mechanical excitation.

The results are displayed live as the material responds to the excitation and are easily interpreted by the operator. Further image processing is also available for export and reporting.

Fully Integrated system:
The Q-810 Systems consist of a vacuum hood with integrated shear optics and a laser diode illumination array which are both hermetically sealed to protect against dust and debris. The hood has an interchangeable flexible seal adapter and adjustable feet to provide a solid contact to the test object and tight pressure seal. The vacuum hood of the Q-810 provides lock-on and pressure excitation down to 150mbar and an optional heat source can be fitted to provide additional heat excitation.

The vacuum hood is connected to a base unit by means of a standard length 10m umbilical cable. The base unit houses the PC, control electronics and vacuum pump with a large monitor and keyboard. The complete system is controlled by the latest ISTRA 4D software platform.

Very user-friendly operation:
The complete system can be operated remotely using two buttons integrated into the handles of the vacuum hood. A touch-screen monitor can be fitted to the vacuum hood providing complete system control and allowing easy single operator usage.

The design of the hood and seal allows inspection very close to the edges of the component (<15mm). While the standard seal adapters already cover a large range of applications, (radii +/-850mm) special interchangeable adapters can be provided for specific geometries, such as small radii or corners.

A Certified Technique:
Shearography has been incorporated in ASNT standards since 2006. (SNT-TC1-A, and CP-105). ASTM standard (ASTM E2581) defines how to inspect composites with shearography. Laser shearography has been approved by leading suppliers in the aerospace, automotive wind turbine and other industries.

The Q-810 range is designed to be used for a large array of applications and also by different user skill levels. Therefore we provide three model variants based on a common system platform. The Eco, Comfort and Pro-line models offer increasing levels of capability, functionality and flexibility and can be matched to the customer requirements.

Technical Specifications:
Field of View:   W x D = 300mm x 200mm
Inspection Speed:   Typically 300mm x 200mm / 10s
Max. Pressure Difference:   150mbar
50mbar hold, 100mbar test
Max Object Curvature:   Flat to +/- 850mm radii with standard seal
Vacuum Hood Dimensions:   W x D x H = ca.430mm x 280mm x 315mm
Vacuum Hood Weight:   ~7.5kg
Length Umbilical Cable:   Standard 10m
Laser Classification: I



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