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Mount it on the wall, use it on the bench... This superb timer offers the versatility of up to 3,600 possible settings, from 1 second to 60 minutes! The giant 8" diameter dial reads easily, even from across the room. The clear buzzer signal tells when development is finished, allowing you to work in total darkness. Assures split-second synchronous accuracy, better than 1/70 of 1% at maximum interval setting. Finished in black hammertone baked enamel, these electronic interval timers can also be geared for automatic shut-off of other electrical devices.

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Power Source: 110 Volts, 60 Hz With black face 291100 Add to Basket
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Portable Electronic TimersELECTRONIC TIMERS

Lightweight and portable electronic timers that go with you anywhere. Pocket-sized battery-operated, cell battery for maximum convenience, (1.5V cell battery included). Attaches to almost anything with either a spring-loaded clip that converts into a stand, a magnet for metal surface attachment, or a hanging hole. Times from 100 minutes down to 1 second with electronic accuracy. Large LCD and custom-designed micro-processor chip offer extra-long battery life. Loud electronic tone tells you when timing period is completed. Stylish design includes soft touch buttons.

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Size: 2-5/16" x 2-7/16" x 1/2" 291500 Add to Basket
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The Film Identification Printer provides sharp, clear identification data on every radiograph. Features variable time film exposures based on the amount of time the printer door is held down in position.


  • Tabletop or recessed units.
  • Heavy duty, all steel bodies. Stainless steel door with foam rubber contact pad and stainless steel template with guide rails for consistent positioning.


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