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Revolving Darkroom Doors

Darkroom Revolving Door

These darkroom doors provide a unique solution for crowded darkrooms by eliminating the need for a light baffle or double entrance doors. This door unit provides a Light-Tight seal permitting passage of personnel without interrupting darkroom operations. Three sizes are offered to meet every need. Unit may also be ordered with a unique "Pop-Out" feature allowing easy removal and re-installation for full darkroom access.

Darkroom doors feature all metal construction. They consist of an inner cylinder with one single door opening, revolving inside of a close-fitting outer chamber with two door openings. Standard finish is flat black.

item no.  
S2W36 Permanent 2 Way Darkroom Door 81" 36"     211511
2W36 Pop Out Door w/breakaway Hardware 81" 36"     211512
S2W28 Permanent 2 Way Darkroom Door 81" 29"     211513
2W48 Pop Out Revolving Door 81" 49.5"     211517




Angular SafelightsAngular Safelights

This safelight is ideal where a direct light over the developing tank or loading bench is wanted. Uses a 5 x 7" GBX filter. Approx. shipping weight 5 lbs.


Product item no.  
 Angular Safelights 230350 Add to Basket


Circular Safelight

Circular swivel safelight is 5 1/2" diameter with swivel base. Includes a GBX Type filter, light bulb and a 6' cord with three prong plug. Overall dimensions are 7 1/2" high x 6" wide.


Product item no.  
Circular Safelight 230355 Add to Basket


Darkroom Replacement BulbsDarkroom Replacement Bulbs


Product item no.  
Sodium 230450 Add to Basket