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Q-800 Laser Shearography Inspection System by Dantech Dynamics

Q-800 Portable Laser Shearography System by Dantec Dynamics

Dantech Q800Shearography is a widely recognized optical measurement technology providing fast and accurate information about defects inside a wide range of composite materials.

State-of-the-art Performance:
The Q-800 Laser Shearography System is a compact and fully portable NDT measuring solution that can detect defects including delaminations, disbonds, kissing bonds, wrinkling, impact damage and many more with no surface preparation. The turnkey optical system is non-contact and full-field and will work on such materials as fiber-reinforced plastics, laminates, honeycomb, foam, wood, metal and GLARE.

Real-time Inspection:
The results are displayed live to the operator allowing an early judgment to be made. Further image processing is also available for export and reporting. Typical inspection times are 10 to 30 seconds and can cover areas from a few mm2 up to several m2 in one inspection. The Q-800 system consists of a miniaturized shearography sensor with integrated high-resolution CCD and variable computer controlled shear optics. Illumination is provided by an integrated diode laser array and the whole system is controlled from a laptop PC using the new ISTRA 4D software platform. The sensor can be mounted on a tripod or integrated into a fully automatic robotic production inspection system.

The system can be operated in daylight conditions using the standard laser diode array. For illumination of large measuring areas an external laser can be coupled to the sensor head with a flexible glass fiber

A Certified Technique:
Shearography has been incorporated in ASNT standards since 2006. (SNT-TC1-A, and CP-105). ASTM standard (ASTM E2581) defines how to inspect composites with shearography. Laser shearography has been approved by leading suppliers in the aerospace, automotive wind turbine and other industries.

Measurement Principle:
The highly sensitive interferometric technique will measure microscopic surface deformations caused by internal flaws when a small loading is applied to the object. This can be done using thermal, pressure, vibration or mechanical excitation.

The results are displayed live as the material responds to the excitation and are easily interpreted by the operator.

Technical Specifications:
CCD-resolution:   1392 x 1040 pixels
Inspection Speed:   Typically 30mm x 30mm / 20 s
Shear angle:   up to 1/20 the field of view, fully adjustable (software controlled)
Shear direction:   0-180, fully adjustable (software controlled)
Measuring area:   300mm x 200mm with 2 laser diode array
700mm x 700mm with 4 laser diode array
~ 1,2m with 8 laser diode array
> 1,2m with 5W external laser (option)
Sensor head dimension:      W x H x D = 70mm x 70mm x 160mm
Sensor head weight:   1.2 kg incl. zoom lens


  • Motorized pan/tilt sensor and zoom lens for remote operation, Vacuum tripod
  • Manual and automated excitation systems:
  • Vacuum chamber/ hood; Heating systems;
  • Vibration excitation systems
  • Customised inspection solutions
  • EN 4179 / NAS 410 and ASNT SNT-TC-IA Training Courses


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