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Model ND-2000 is a rugged, water, and dustproof radiation meter ideal for industrial field use and is specifically designed for long meter life in all types of environments. The meter features a rugged, 2-piece fiberglass reinforced polyester case, a large 3" Mil-Spec meter indicator with 5-position rotary switch and a shock mounted Geiger tube. Energy dependence is within 20% - from 60-1500 keV. It is fully transistorized, corrosion resistant and employs regulated high and low voltages to insure stable, dependable results.


This radiation survey meter model is identical to the ND-2000 with the exception of an added dosimeter charger. The dosimeter charger uses a bright 2.5V bulb enhancing view of dosimeter scale. The charger is compatible with all dosimeters manufactured.


More sensitive to lower level x-rays than the Model 2000, ND-2200 provides energy dependence within 15% from 50-1500keV. Though similar in most other respects, this meter features an added fast/slow switch and larger 3-1/2 meter indicator.

 Radiation Hazard Detection Gamma & X-Ray 60-1500 keV Gamma & X-Ray 60-1500 keV Gamma & X-Ray 50-1500 keV
Operating Range 0-1000, 0-100 0-10 mR/hr 0-1000, 0-100  0-10 mR/hr 0-1000, 0-100  0-10 mR/hr
Calibration within 10% within 10% within 10%
Response Time
(to 90% of final reading)
within 10 seconds within 10 seconds within 10 seconds
Weight 4.2 lbs. 4.2 lbs. 4.35 lbs.
Dimensions 4.4" W x 7.75" L x 6" H

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Dosimeter ChargersND-100 DOSIMETER CHARGERS

ND-100 dosimeter chargers features a durable, compact aluminum case with four rubber feet. It has a safety spring in charging socket to prevent damage to a dosimeter if excessive pressure is used with charging. A bright 2.5V bulb is used thereby enabling a better view of the dosimeter scale. This charger is compatible with all types of dosimeters.

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ND-100 Dosimeter Chargers 462010 Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


Area Radiation MonitorsND-4000 Area Radiation MoniTors

Economical area monitor, 12V DC Portable with battery charger. Non-adjustable trip point; 2mR/hr standard, other trip points available. Audio piezo alert, large red rotating warning light. For more detailed information call us and we will forward literature for your consideration.


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ND-4000 Area Radiation Monitors 450134 - 1 Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info



This rugged cast aluminum belt worn ratemeter meets NRC 10 CFR 34.33 for personal monitoring. It detects gamma and x-rays. System test includes battery and alarm test. Alarm output is 100 decibels at six inches. Recessed and guard protected controls provide additional safety measures, preventing accidental turn-off when in use and provides damage protection. These ratemeters have easy operation with no warm up time required. Uses one 9 volt battery. Each unit calibrated at factory and certified for one year.

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NDS RA-500 RATEMETERS 464090 Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info



These direct gamma and x-ray dosimeters are the most rugged, reliable and inexpensive available, incorporating a built-in string electrometer and ion chamber, their superior energy response improves exposure accuracy. These dosimeters are hermetically sealed for consistent readings under a broad range of environmental conditions. They meet A.N.S.I. Spec. N322-1977. Can be read out at any time by merely looking through them at any light source. A strong alligator swivel clip allows attachment in any orientation. 9/16"D x 4-1/2"L, they are encased in an plastic barrel and weigh only 6 oz. Detect gamma and x-rays 80KeV to Co 60 energies.

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W715 0-1000 MR 460310 Add to Basket
W138 0-200 MR 460100 Add to Basket