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AGFA LogoAGFA Structurix NDT S-i X-ray film processor

The AGFA Structurix NDT S-I is a leading-edge processor that brings speed, operational flexibility, money-saving innovations, and environmentally friendly design together in a single package. Thanks to a design that features two successive fixing tanks that are replenished on the counter flow principle, the Structurix NDT S-I significantly reduces the silver residue present in the waste water. The exposed film is first developed in the developer tank and then is rinsed in the intermediate-washing tank.

AGFA Structurix NDT S-i X-Ray Film ProcessorIntermediate washing ensures that little of the developer solution carries into the fixing tanks, this keeping the 'fixer bath' in optimum condition. At the same time, the intermediate washing process helps to prevent faults from occurring on the film being developed. The operating method of the Cascade Fixing System is simple but effective. The film is then 100 percent fixed in the first fixer tank and rinsed in the second fixer tank. With fixer replenishment being executed in the second fixer tank, the concentration of silver in that tank stays low. As the silver carryover into the water tank is minimal, waste water from the Structurix NDT S-I processor readily complies with stringent standards for silver content.


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AGFA Structurix NDT S-I X-Ray Film Processor 200456 Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info




Structurix Diagram


Developer Tank D 1 Overflow F1
Intermediate wash tank IW 2 transfer of residues
Fixer tank 1 F1 3 Replenishment link between F1 and F2
Fixer tank 2 F2
Final wash tank W


Structurix FeederCompact and time-saving, the Structurix Feeder converts the Structurix processor into a unique and practical daylight system. At the press of a button you can feed in 240 films an hour automatically!



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AGFA Structurix NDT S-I X-Film Processor 200460A Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info



AGFA Structurix ndt u processor

AGFA Structurix NDT U Processor Structurix NDT U combines simplicity, reliability and universal use in one processor. It is specially designed for customers with medium sized quantities of x-ray film.

The Structurix NDT U is a dependable processor, no matter where it is installed.

Universal Use:
The Structurix NDT U is very versatile: it processes sheet film as well as roll film up to 5 meters.

Perfect Processing Quality:
The design of the Structurix NDT U is based on the core technology used for Structurix processors, which is why high film quality can be guaranteed. Three infrared drying units ensure uniform drying, in accordance with the principle of direct heat absorption.

Minimal Running Costs:
The consumption of electricity is also particularly low, due to the infrared drying system, among other elements.


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AGFA Structurix NDT U Processor 200460 Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info


Structurix NDT M Eco Processor

This compact film processor occupies a minimal amount of space in your darkroom. The Structurix NDT M eco is versatile, in the laboratory or transportable in a mobile site darkroom. It processes sheet film as well as roll film up to 16" (5 meters). Specially designed for consumers of small and medium sized quantities of film. The ease of use and the problem free maintenance make the Structurix NDT M eco an extremely user-friendly and reliable processor.


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Structurix NDT M ECO Processor 200550 Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info



AFP Imaging Mini NDT X-Ray Film ProcessorThe AFP Mini-NDT processor is a full feature, compact industrial x-ray processor which meets all the needs of the modern NDT department. The unit features a 14 inch feed width, has the same features found in higher priced models and can be used on a table or on its sturdy base stand (supplied with all processors). Because of its cold water operation and "No plumbing" conversion kit, the Mini NDT can go anywhere from darkroom to job site; mobile and stationary installations.


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AFP Imaging Mini NDT X-Ray Film Processor 200540 Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info