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ICM X-Ray Generators for Pipe Inspection

X-Ray Pipe Inspection

iCM X-Ray GeneratorsiCM Site-x 160: x-ray generators for 6" to 18" pipe crawlers

Generators that make you more competitive...
If you already inspect or intend to inspect small diameter pipelines sooner or later, the SITE-X C1603 is the x-ray set you need.

X-Ray Generators for Pipe CrawlersThis x-ray generator will become one of the major keys to competitive inspection of small diameter pipe.

Small is useful...
The iCM SITE-X C1603 is indeed the smallest, the lightest and the most powerful true radial beam x-ray generator ever designed for pipe crawler operations.

Its general performances are so great, compared with the x-ray generators that have been available, that it is going to be very hard to perform any 6 inch to 18 inch pipe inspections without the help of a C1603 x-ray generator in front.

Unequalled Performances...iCM X-Ray Generator Control Unit
With a length of 510mm and a diameter of 120mm, the C1603 generator not only contains the high voltage components but it also includes its fully transistorized and microprocessor based control unit CCU086 which is exchangeable without tools on site within a minute or two.
48 DC Volts operated, 50 to 160 kV - 1 to 3 mA, 100% duty cycle, fully stabilized outputs regardless the charge of the batteries, 1 kilovolt and 0.1 milliamps steps, automatic preheating, disconnectable remote control unit to set your shots parameters, etc.: all these characteristics make this extremely compact (8kg) tube head the best tool of its kind ever proposed to inspection companies.


Features and Specifications*

ICM Site-X 160 X-Ray Generator Units Directional Panoramic Crawler
Useful Kv range (1kV step) Kv 50 to 160 50 to 160 50 to 160
Useful mA range (0.1 mA step) mA 1 to 3 1 to 3 1 to 3
Angle beam 60 x 40 360 x (2 x 20) 360 x (2 x 20)
Focus sizes mm 0.8 x 0.8 0.5 x dia. 4 0.5 x dia. 4
(AI) equivalent inherent filtration mm 5 5 5
Penetration capability in mm of steel mm 22 19 19
Duty cycle at 40C ambient temp % 100% 100% 100%
Insulation - SF6 (5 bars) SF6 (5 bars) SF6 (5 bars)
Built-in diaphragms system - No NA NA
Overall dimensions mm Dia. 120 x 490 Dia. 120 x 490 Dia. 120 x 515
Weight Kg 9 9 8
Control unit (CCU086 is attached to tube head) Kg Control unit (CCU086 is attached to tube head)


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