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Introducing an innovative new vision in industrial imaging from LORAD
LORAD has brought the state of industrial imaging machines to a new high with its portable, constant potential x-ray units, the LPX 160, and LPX 200, and LPX 300. Available in either liquid or air cooled versions, the digital LPX series x-ray units will produce variable outputs from 5 to 300kV, 0.1 to 10mA (900 watt max) to produce unparalleled resolution imaging in a wide variety of materials. All LORAD industrial x-ray systems operate on a 100% duty cycle for cost-efficient continuous operation.

LORAD X-Ray UnitsEnd-Grounded Anode
The LPX series x-ray units are end grounded to allow for easier and more flexible positioning of the tube head assembly. The end grounded x-ray tubes have a focal spot size of 1.5mm sq. The tube port is built with a low absorption beryllium window that allows the radiographer to utilize the full spectrum of x-ray energy. This configuration permits shorter exposure times with high output for high resolution imaging of materials as diverse as thin composites and honeycomb structure to various metals with differing thicknesses.

Constant Potential Output for the Best Discrimination
The LORAD LPX series x-ray units have been engineered to produce the sharpest images in industrial x-ray imaging machines. The high radiation output of the LORAD LPX systems allow for lower kV per exposure and increased film contrast for superior radiographic imaging. The unique design of the LPX series x-ray units allows for unmatched repeatability by monitoring both the kV and the mA directly at the tube head, not at the high voltage power supply input like other systems.


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Eresco X-Ray Equipment from Pantak SeifertThe ERESCO MF2 line of portable X-Ray units are designed for reliability in some of the world's toughest conditions. Using modern compact electronics to minimize weight and provide a high power output with extremely low ripple, together with a sturdy metal ceramic X-Ray tube, the ERESCO MF generates a high x-ray dose which allows the shortest exposure time, resulting in higher productivity. Weight is further reduced with the use of gas insulation making transportation and handling in the field safe and convenient, especially with the optional stands and carriages that make positioning of the ERESCO MF easy for set up of exposure techniques. For additional protection of the tube head, optional carrying/standing rings are available.

Pantak Seifert X-Ray SystemsCharacteristics:

  • High voltage range from 5 to 300 kV
  • Constant potential
  • Metal-ceramic tube
  • Medium frequency technology
  • Shortest exposure times of all portables worldwide
  • Power mode operation
  • Lightweight
  • Easily adapts to different mains supplies including portable generators
  • Automatic identification of tube head connected
  • Fully automatic warm-up procedure
  • Real-time clock
  • Display of clear text messages
  • History function
  • Programmable operation


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