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X-Ray Inspection

HAL Laser Pointers & Laser Snap Sights

Laser Pointers120KV TO 225 KV HAL LASER POINTERS


  • Mounting bracket machined for direct tube mounting
  • Adjustable laser mounting plate for on site calibration
  • Adjustable focus for distance variation
  • Integrated switch for automatic laser control
  • Optional battery pack or hard wired to 110VAC

Product Item No.  
MXRI.LP.225C - Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info



Laser Snap Sights

Laser Snap Sight Diagram of UsageThe Snap Sight technological breakthrough in laser miniaturization provides an inexpensive laser sighting device to speed up production, and save x-ray film.

These Snap Sights attach to x-ray tube; no motor, no electric, and nothing to turn on or off. Just pull the cord to automatically Snap Sight into place and turn on a bright, pulsing red spot that indicates the center of x-ray beam location.

Mounting brackets required. Please specify x-ray tube.


  •  Solid State Construction
  •  Fully integrated, Shielded Circuitry
  • Efficient Power Consumption Approx. 55 ma @ 9VDC
  • Durable, Shock Resistant
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Spike Protection
  • Adapts to any X-Ray Tube
  • Small, Compact Design
  • Easy to Use - It's a Snap!

Product Item No.  
Laser Snap Sights 104140 Call 1-800-962-1788 for More Info