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Infinitex Membrane Filtration System


Splitter« Series 

These compact, portable, cabinet-enclosed machines are perfect for shop or department use where daily waste volumes range from under a drum up to about 250 gallons. All three models—Splitter Jr., Splitter and Splitter XD—are fully automated, extremely quiet and energy-efficient. They are designed to run unattended and feature a number of patented control monitoring devices to ensure that the machine will shut itself off before any type of damaging condition can occur.

Controls include:

  • Microprocessor with 3-Position Timer
  • PSI (pressure) Gauge
  • High Temperature Warning Light
  • High Temperature Limit
  • Low Pressure Cutout
  • Thermal Motor Overload Protection
  • Ground Fault Circuit Interceptor (GFCI) Plug

Ultra-Filtration membranes (one in Splitter Jr. and two in Splitter and Splitter XD) are available in various pore sizes from micro- to nano-filtation. 


Specifications Splitter Jr. Splitter Splitter XD
Nominal Capacity, gal  50 125 250
Weight (wet) lbs 135 140 150 
Depth 17" 17" 17"
Width 22" 22" 22"
Height 28" 28" 39"


Product Item No.  
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